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Sinus Infection

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Colorectal Cancer Symptoms

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Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease is commonly assumed to be a male-dominated health issue. However, in the United States, it is the most significant cause of mortality for women. According to Medline Plus, it causes around one out of four female fatalities each year. The easiest way to confirm heart disease is to run a cardiac enzyme test which is quick and highly sensitive.Heart disease is linked to a variety of illnesses that affect your heart and blood arteries. These are some of them:coronary artery disease; coronary (blockages in the blood vessels around the heart)artery disease of the limbs (blockages in the blood vessels in arms or legs)issues with the beat of your heart (arrhythmia)issues with the muscles or valves of your heart (valvular heart disease)heart failure due to congestive heart failure (problem with the pumping or relaxation functions of the heart muscle). This can be confirmed with the heart enzyme test.vasospasm of the coronary arteries (sudden contractions of an artery wall)microvascular disease of the coronary arteries (problems with the small blood vessels that branch off from the coronary arteries)Early symptoms of cardiac disease in women.Many women are unaware that they have heart disease until a significant medical emergency, such as a heart attack. If you do have early signs of heart disease, you may notice the following:chest pain or discomfort that can be severe or dull and heavy (angina)pain in the neck, jaw, or throatpain in the upper abdomenpain in the upper backnauseaodd exhaustionshortness of breathoverall weaknessskin color changes, such as grey skinThese symptoms might arise when you’re resting or going about your everyday activities. These symptoms might potentially be signs of a heart attack and it’s better to confirm the possibility with a rapid heart enzyme blood test in Watauga.Symptoms of a heart attack in womenBecause of their symptoms, women may not pay as much attention to a heart attack as men do. Compared to males, women are more prone to develop atypical heart attack symptoms. In addition,As heart disease worsens, other symptoms may appear. Depending on your heart disease type, your symptoms may vary.Symptoms of heart disease in women that may develop later include:swollen legs, feet, or anklesweight gainsleeping issuessensation as though your heart is pounding (heart palpitations);coughingwheezingsweatinglight-headednessindigestionheartburnWomen’s heart disease risk factorsSome kinds of heart disease are congenital, meaning they develop due to problems with the heart’s formation.Heart disease risk may be influenced by genetic factors as well. There are, however, several disorders that might increase your chance of getting heart disease. These are some of them:Diabeteshypertension (high blood pressure)diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancymenopause or early menopausedepressionHIVPreeclampsiaautoimmune problemscalcifications of the breast arteriesDiagnosing heart disease in womenA doctor will initially inquire about your personal and family medical history to identify heart disease. They’ll then ask about your symptoms, including when they began and how serious they are. They’ll also inquire about your habits, such as smoking or exercising.A doctor can use blood tests to determine your risk of heart disease. A lipid profile, which measures cholesterol and triglycerides, is the most prevalent.Your doctor may order further blood tests based on your symptoms and medical history, such as tests to look for:inflammation levelssodium and potassium levelsblood cell countskidney healthThyroid functionLiver functionCardiac enzyme testYour doctor may order other tests. Consider the following scenario:An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that may determine the heart’s electrical activity. This allows a doctor to examine your heart rhythm and check for signs of a heart attack.A stress test can determine how effectively your heart responds to physical exertion. Throughout this exam, you’ll exercise while wearing equipment that measures your heart’s electrical impulses and blood pressure. It can tell you whether you have blockages in your arteries that restrict blood flow to your heart when you exercise.A CT scan is used to determine how much calcium is present in your coronary arteries.An ultrasound of your neck’s carotid arteries can detect stroke risk.The blood pressure ratio in your legs to your arms is the ankle-brachialCoronary computed tomography angiography is a specialist CT scan that examines the blood arteries around the heart for blockages.A continuous EKG or ambulatory arrhythmia monitor, where you wear a device that continuously monitors your heart’s electrical impulses, may also be recommended by your doctor. Depending on your symptoms, you may use this device for a few days or a few weeks.Treatment:In general, heart disease therapy is like men’s treatment. Treatment options can vary depending on the type of heart disease you have. However, they could include:Cholesterol-lowering drugsAngiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitorsAngiotensin II receptor blockersAnticoagulants and antiplatelet medicinesAspirin

7 Most Serious Headache Symptoms and Causes

Health ER of Watauga > Health Headaches are quite common and are mostly treated as a minor inconvenience or a nuisance. Almost every person in the world may have experienced a headache once or more in his lifetime. They can be quite bothersome sometimes, interfering with your daily life activities, but not necessarily warrant a visit to the doctor as they usually go away on their own. However, if your headache keeps coming back every other day, stays for a long time, and is really painful, it might be a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your brain!Even though that is not mostly the case and many bad headaches go away with some over-the-counter medications or therapy, it is still better to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of certain neurological conditions, brain stroke, aneurysm, tumors, or infections that can very well be the cause of your severe headache. What Causes Headaches? Although the mechanism that causes a headache is still not fully understood, the researchers believe that it has something to do with the activation of certain nerve cells that send pain signals to the muscles, tissues, and blood vessels surrounding the brain. The brain itself has no part in this as there are no pain receptors in the brain tissue that register the pain. The sinuses, scalp, teeth, and muscles of the face and neck can also be the reason for head pain. 7 Headache Signs that Need a Visit to an ER If you are suffering from a throbbing, intense headache that does not go away and keeps disturbing your daily life activities like work or school, it is best to check with a doctor by visiting your closest emergency room. Often, headaches can be a warning sign for a deeper problem that might require immediate medical attention. Our body has a way of letting us know if there is something wrong with our body. Recognizing and understanding these signs can help us get timely medical assistance! Visit an ER right away if you are experiencing any of these 7 symptoms,Recurrent and Frequent HeadachesPersistent HeadachesHeadaches with Fever and Stiff NeckSudden, Intense PainHeadache after a Head InjuryHeadache with Nausea and VomitingChanges in Personality or BehaviourMore like, Understanding the Symptoms There are many reasons that might be causing your symptoms. Understanding why you are experiencing these signs can help you determine if you should visit the best emergency room in your area to get your headache checked or not. Here are a few reasons why you should! Recurrent and Frequent Headaches If your headaches keep coming back every other day or more than twice a week for the last 3 months, it is possible that you are suffering from a chronic headache. This can be caused by either stress, triggers or can be a warning sign that something is wrong with your brain. It is hard to manage a chronic headache without any medical help which is why you must visit an ER if your headaches are quite frequent over the last few months. Persistent Headaches Headaches that last for days can be very problematic and annoying especially if you have to skip school or work for days. This could be a sign that you are suffering from a headache disorder. Talk to your doctor if your headache lasts longer than a week. Some simple medicines will help relieve the pain. Headaches with Fever and Stiff Neck Although fever and headache can be the signs of common flu, a stiff neck usually indicates that you might be suffering from meningitis. This is a condition that causes the meninges around your brain and spinal cord to get inflamed causing a severe headache with additional symptoms like muscle pain, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Sudden, Intense Pain If you think that you are having the worst headache of your life, it is best to go to a doctor right away. These sudden, intense headaches also known as thunderclap headaches can be caused by an aneurysm or bleeding in the brain which can become life-threatening if left untreated. Headache after a Head Injury It is completely normal to experience a headache after hitting your head hard. You might be suffering from a concussion and it is better to visit a doctor to get your head checked for any signs of internal bleeding or trauma. Additional signs of a concussion are dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness, or vomiting. Headache with Nausea and Vomiting Bad headaches, like migraines, are usually associated with nausea and vomiting. This can get pretty bothersome and often lead to dehydration and dizziness. Although not life-threatening, it is better to go to a doctor if the headaches along with nausea and vomiting persist for more than 2 days in a row. Changes in Personality or Behaviour Experiencing bad headaches for a long time with noticeable personality or behavioral changes such as confusion, memory loss, irritability, mood swings, anger issues, stammering or slurring and loss of coordination can be a sign of a serious brain condition such as a tumor or stroke. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, get to the best emergency room in your area right away to get them or yourself examined properly.It is best not to suffer through the pain and ignore the unusual symptoms. Get medical help as soon as possible if you think that you might be experiencing one of the above-mentioned signs.

What to do if someone is choking?

Health ER of Watauga > Health The flow of Air and Food in and out of the body is carried out through a vein or pipeline. This pipeline has to have a very smooth opening. Under certain circumstances, this pipeline is blocked. The passage of food and air is blocked within the pipeline. This is called Choking. The person is unable to breathe freely and may even cough and cry. Choking may happen to kids and adults likewise due to food or any other material object. Though such a medical condition begs the question of What to do if someone is Choking? There are various first aid recommendations to practice in this situation, depending upon how bad it is.More like, Mild Choking. In mild choking, the pipeline is partially blocked when a material is lodged in the throat. The person is able to cough and speak. Encourage the person to cough during this situation. Instruct the person to keep the mouth downward so that the material goes out of the mouth easily. Don’t put fingers in the mouth to take the material out. It may further push the object inside the throat and can make the choking more complex. Constant Coughing will possibly do the job to get rid of it. Severe Choking. When the choking is severe, the person is unable to cough, cry and even speak. That’s the reason Coughing wouldn’t do the job to get rid of it. Three different methods are recommended as first aid to deal with choking: Back Blow, Chest Thrusts, and Abdominal Thrusts. Use these methods to stop choking before the person experiencing it goes to an unconscious state due to excessive and severe choking. Also, the above recommendations are called the Five-and-Five Method to stop it.More like, Five-and-Five Method. The Five-and-Five Method is recommended as the ultimate first aid to prevent it. The method refers to 5 Back Blows and 5 Abdominal Thrusts. How can these blows be carried away effectively to get the person out of a critical situation immediately? • 5 Back Blows. Give 5 Back Blows to the patient in the first place. Lower the face of the person and give support by placing a hand on the chest. Use heels of another hand to give a blow on the backside. Use the heels to blow in the thoracic part of the spine between the bones of the shoulders and arms. Give at least five blows so that material lodged inside the throat can be taken away effectively. If the back blows aren’t working, don’t give excessive blows at all to the person. It might impact the person further. • 5 Abdominal Thrusts. After the Back Blows fail to do the job, use the Abdominal Thrusts to get the job done. How to perform these thrusts in the first place? Well, it is easier. Wrap both your arms around the abdomen of the person choking above his/her belly button. Cross both hands in such a way that you can put force on the abdomen to create pressure in the pipeline. This pressure will eventually help the person to choke. Use 5 Abdominal Thrusts to stop the choking. Don’t let the person go into an unconscious state at all. These thrusts are definitely going to stop it. If not, don’t delay. Call the nearby Emergency Room immediately for the emergency treatment to get the patient out of that state as soon as possible. Chest Thrusts. Aside from the back blows and abdominal thrusts, there is another way to stop it. Chest Thrusts are also effective first aid assistance to prevent it. Put both of your arms around the chest of the patient in the upper cage of ribs. Give the thrusts, i.e., push on the chest. It will help create pressure in the pipeline to get the lodged material out of the throat effectively.Patients who have been in serious vehicle accidents are taken straight to the emergency room to stabilize their condition.

Health ER of Watauga > Health What are emergency rooms? These rooms are the best choice for you if you’re seeking for a facility that can give great care in the most dangerous situations, such as trauma, stroke, heart attack, infection, and serious bleeding. Emergency centers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are equipped with cutting-edge technology and highly trained professionals. These rooms also collaborate with several nearby hospitals and can arrange for a speedy transfer if necessary.For the great majority of individuals, going to the emergency medical care is not a pleasant experience. Emergency room visits can be quite painful due to the long wait and the state they are in. It might be difficult to know what to do and where to go while in stress or anxiety.People have various reasons to go to the ER. These rooms are completely capable and prepared to treat a wide range of health issues, from minor accidents to life-threatening diseases. Such emergency room visits are recommended by the majority of individuals due to their inexpensive rates. Approximately 124 million individuals visit the emergency room each year, with 42 million of them having injury-related issues.If you’re not sure about the reasons to go to emergency rooms, here’s a list of the top reasons. 1. Headaches Headache is the most common reason for visiting the emergency room. It is amongst the most frequent illnesses people experience. Thus it’s no surprise that headaches lead people to attend the emergency room. 2. Chest pain: A larger problem may appear little at first, which is why any form of pain should never be ignored. It is not a good idea to ignore chest aches or pressure in the region if you are feeling them. Chest discomfort might be a false alarm, and indigestion could be the culprit. However, without adequate testing, you can’t rule out that possibility of heart attack. 3. Foreign Objects in the Body: Foreign objects within the body are one of the most common reasons to visit ER, according to emergency rooms worldwide. There are no statistics on the number of doctors who deal with foreign objects, but a recent study found that about 1,500 people die each year because of foreign object difficulties. 4. Stroke Symptoms: Stroke is an example of a disease that needs prompt medical intervention. This has the potential to save someone’s life. Stroke symptoms are prevalent in adults and are one of the most common reasons patients go to the emergency room. When the blood supply to a portion of the brain is cut off, a stroke ensues. In certain situations, this might result in serious brain damage and even death.Blurred vision or vision lossConfusion is one of the signs of a stroke.Dizziness or faintingDifficulty speakingTrouble comprehending speechIf you have any of these symptoms, you should go to the local emergency medical care room right away. 5. Accidents: Accidents are not surprising to be included in the list of emergency situations. This includes anything from a twisted ankle to a concussion or a shattered limb sustained in an automobile accident. When sportsmen get a concussion or experience any pain while playing, they are sent to the emergency room.Patients who have been in serious vehicle accidents are taken straight to the emergency room to stabilize their condition. 6. Toothaches Most people don’t associate tooth problems with going to the ER, but a rising number of individuals are seeking emergency dental care while their dentist’s office is closed. Abscesses and gum tissue disorders are reported by many patients. 7. Burns: Only a medical expert with the appropriate medical training can treat burns. Pain isn’t always a good sign of how bad and destructive a burn is. Because severe burns can kill nerve endings, making it unable to feel anything, the extent of the burn is the true indication.If the burn seems to be more than three inches, you should seek medical help at once. There is a risk of long-term tissue damage if the burn forms blisters and hurts when pressure is applied. Take proper precautions and go to the nearest emergency room. 8. Broken Bones and Sprains Broken bones and sprains are frequent injuries that can affect anybody, regardless of age or physical condition. Accidents or twisting a part of the body when performing sports or other fitness exercises can happen. But not all sprains need ER care. Though, shattered bones should be examined every once in a while, especially if they represent a risk to other organs. 9. Upper Respiratory Infections People attend the ER for a variety of reasons, including infections and viruses. The flu and the common cold are both quite frequent infections that, unlike other illnesses, may need emergency treatment in severe situations.All patients at ER OF WATAUGA receive the best emergency treatment possible. We are staffed by board-qualified ER doctors and are open 24/7.

Health ER of Watauga > Health What is omicron? Is it More Dangerous? Is there any treatment available? Omicron Variant Not long ago, we faced a massive worldwide pandemic that has been fatal for almost 2 years. Multiple variants of Covid-19 emerged in this period and each one was more transmissible and more dangerous than the previous one. Recently, the world has discovered another life-threatening variant named Omicron. What is Omicron? A recent discovery of the new variant of Covid-19 has been named Omicron by WHO. Omicron is a Greek word meaning “small o”. This variant is currently being studied by researchers to find its severity and longterm effects on human organs. Is It More Dangerous? Researchers are not clear on the presumption either this variant is severely dangerous than the rest of the variants or it can be neglected. However, the preliminary data has shown a clear increase in hospitalization in South Africa. This can be a reason to worry. By far, there is not much evidence to rely on whether it’s more hazardous than the Delta variant. Is There Any Treatment Available? Vaccines have been a great help in reducing the severity and hospitalization against every variant of Covid19 so far. Researches and experiments are being taken to find a proper treatment for hospitalizedindividuals. The most effective steps right now are the vaccination, keeping a physical distance of at least 1 meter from each other, using a mask when you get out, enough ventilation, avoiding enclosed places, and keeping your hands clean.

Health ER of Watauga > Health Digital X-rays are a valued diagnostic treatment that can help professionals identify or screen a variety of your health problems, from bone fractures and pneumonia to harmful and noncancerous tumors. Now, because of the incredible advances in healthcare, organizations need more accurate tools. It’s very famous for the medical treatment due to its low cost. Digital X-rays are non-invasive, comparatively harmless, and also produce images quickly you need to be able to diagnose problems effectively. Digital X-rays have become a more efficient, cost-effective, and even very safe way for producing clear images of the body’s internal structures. The Digital X-Ray vs Normal X-Ray: Which one is better concerning the accuracy of results and better diagnosis? The Factors of Digital X-Rays Digital X-rays have been around for over a century and have played a vital role in many medical advancements. On the other hand, digital radiography is proving to be safer. Best Quality Digital radiography uses a transparent film to capture detailed images of the internal body organs. Though, digital X-rays are not only one of the best quality diagnosis methods, but also the technology can display images digitally in just a few seconds. Furthermore, due to digital images, specialists can modify their size without changing any information. Cost-Effective Digital X-rays have become the wonderful method in many health institutes. Because it’s more cost-effective than normal X-rays. Normal X-rays: it’s an old technique because storing and retrieving images can be challenging. In the other scenario, with digital X-rays, the putting away space is almost limitless since you can transmit images to an internal and external hard drive for the examination. The advances in imaging technologies have developed diagnosis and treatment planning. Digital X-rays can help doctors and provide better care and services to their patients. These types of X-rays use the most cutting-edge tools to provide an exceptional sense of healthcare and comfort to your patients. Digital X-Ray vs Normal X-Ray: Advantages. Digital X-rays offers many advantages to the medical testing community, includingShorter coverage timesReal-time usesUse of analysis tool and defect-recognition softwareDigital image enhancement and data storageHigher productivityPortabilityQuickly feedbackEasy to transfer to customers automatically Digital X-rays imaging equipment Digital X-rays are produced by a metal target by high vitality electrons. X-rays passed through the human body are absorbed, which causes attenuation of the incident beam. X-rays beam released from the source as it passes through the human body, and these changes are recorded on the film. X-ray images pass through the different body tissues, the contrast in an X-ray depends on differential attenuation of X-rays. A comparatively small dose of X-rays is used to produce an understated change in the plate, and then development to become visually identifiable. Types of X-rays There are different types of digital X-rays. IncludingStandard Computed TomographyKidney, Ureter, or Bladder X-rayTeeth and bones X-raysChest X-raysLung X-raysAbdomen X-raysBarium X-raysHand X-raysJoint X-rays How to prepare X-rays It’s necessary to fast for about 12 hours for receiving an exam done in the case of most X-rays. On the other hand, in the situation of dental X-rays, no such arrangements are needed. Some rules remain the same, take out jewelry and other metals things before the X-rays. You may also be requested to stop in some situations, in some special cases, during pregnancy or other medical conditions, some radioactivity can be harmful to the body. A few Digital X-ray Centers have portable x-rays equipment. Is Digital X-ray safe? Certainty you are worried about the effects of radiation; most doctors say that X-rays are safe. Digital x-rays or normal x-rays both are safe and help in viewing structures that a normal scan may not be able to disclose. However, it is important to know that an X-ray test is not recommended to pregnant women because the rays of the radiation are harmful to the developing baby. So, different types of X-rays are used for recognizing, diagnosing, and analyzing different body conditions. Each of these tests has its treatments. They are highly effective and safe as well.

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