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Insurance Coverage

Comprehending Your Insurance Claim

Medical situations are among the most significant trouble in life, and having to face your insurance firm later on only brings more tension. Our objective is to decrease that stress by guaranteeing your health crisis is settled quickly and smoothly. We are your private counsel in this procedure by assuring that the advantages for which you spend a significant amount each month will be acknowledged, and you will get the due amount.

We deliver immediate, concierge urgent medical care to all Texas neighborhood residents and adjacent regions. State legislation requires your health indemnity firm to pay your health emergency claim based on your in-network earnings. This decreases your worry about getting an in-network supplier when undergoing a clinical emergency.

Medical Insurance Watauga

24 Hours Medical Care Facility You Want in an Emergency Room, No Wait

We Accept All Personal Insurance Plans

Our institution is not a cooperating supplier with any medical insurance programs, and we do operate with all private indemnity schemes. This allows us to communicate with your insurance provider, providing that your visit is done at an in-network stage.

Attention Patients:

According to House Bill 2041, the details given below provide information about our healthcare facility:

  • This establishment is an independent emergency treatment facility;
  • This facility charges rates equivalent to a hospital emergency and may levy a facility cost;
  • The doctor delivering medical care at this institution may bill individually from the institution for the medical care provided to you at our center
  • This facility is not a participating seller in any health benefit program.


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