Explaining Ultrasound

Ultrasound Test is a significantly effective medical equipment used for various diagnostic purposes. The Ultrasound is useful to diagnose internal injuries and organs, i.e., Abdominal Aorta, Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Bladder, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Uterus, Ovaries, Eyes, Brain in infants, Scrotum (Testicles), and Unborn Child (Fetus). The technology used in the Ultrasound is based on the X-rays for projecting the image of the internal organs very clearly on the projection screens. Ultrasound is completely a painless process and doesn’t require any invasive cuts during the diagnosis of internal injuries and organs. At our Emergency Room, we have a well-equipped Clinical Lab to provide Ultrasound Services 24/7.

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The Significance of Ultrasound Imaging Test

The technology embedded and used in Ultrasound is based on X-rays. A small device is used for casting the X-rays on the body part under-diagnosis. Also, a gel-like Liquid is also used before casting the projection of the internal organs on the Ultrasound screen. The application of this gel-like material increases the visibility of the internal organs for the Lab Technician and Surgeon to observe the internal structure precisely. The device for casting the X-rays on the body organs is moveable to get results as per requirements. At ER OF Watauga, we have a well-established Ultrasound Test Facility to offer 24/7 services in our Emergency Room.

Ultrasound Services at ER of Watauga

At ER OF Watauga, like any state-of-the-art clinical laboratory, we provide complete Ultrasound Test Services. We are delivering expert-vetted Ultrasound results at our Emergency Room, assisting the surgeons in devising a course of treatment for a patient based on said results. To achieve that purpose at par excellence, we have a team of certified Lab Technicians and Surgeons to execute the tests and a very well-established Clinical Lab at our Emergency Room. Our Ultrasound Test Services are operational 24/7 at ER OF Watauga. Visit us for ultrasound tests under the supervision of surgeons. We provide services for


Benefits of Ultrasound Services in our Emergency Room

The role of Ultrasound in our Emergency Room in Watauga is very significant for diagnosis and treatment. For acquiring instant results and insights concerning the patient’s disease, Ultrasound Test Services are very effective. The surgeons and specialists are able to draw finer trajectories regarding the treatment of a patient. Visit our Emergency Room for 3D Ultrasound in Watauga to get very rapid, reliable, and affordable Ultrasound Test Results. Our facility for 4D Ultrasound in Watauga is fully operational as well. Visit our Emergency Room for expert-vetted services.

Why Choose ER of Watauga

When you choose us for our prominent Ultrasound Watauga, TX, you can get the:

Advanced Imaging Technology: Implementing the newest technology in ultrasound imaging by ER of Watauga leads to superb resolution pictures which are helpful for accurate diagnosis.

Expert Technicians: The ultrasound technicians in our expert team have been involved in numerous diagnostics and because of that, they know exactly what to do to achieve accurate and gentle procedures.

Comprehensive Services: From stomach screening to mother’s pregnancy scans, we found the complete range of the Ultrasound Watauga to give you care around your health.

Immediate Results: As for rapid reporting, this empowers us to take fast treatment measures to bring in peace of mind and give those in difficult times a breathing space.

Do You Need a CT Scan Now?

A CT Scanner is one of the quickest and more accurate examinations and diagnostic tools available in modern medicine, and because of this, it has become an invaluable tool to emergency physicians around the globe.

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