An Onsite Certified Clinical Laboratory

A definitive diagnosis requires different steps for its completion. Amongst them, Clinical Lab Tests are significant. In specific scenarios, a surgeon has to get details about the disease by conducting different lab tests. That’s where an On-site Clinical Laboratory plays a role in an Emergency Room

At ER of Watauga, we have maintained a state-of-the-art clinical lab equipped to conduct tests comprehensively. 24/7 availability of lab technicians, standard methods of conducting lab tests, expertise in drawing results as precisely as possible and constant supervision by surgeons are very significant aspects of our Certified Full-Service Laboratory in Watauga

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The Importance of Clinical Laboratory Services

Clinical Laboratories are very significant for surgeons in Emergency Rooms. But to establish a State of the art and Standard Clinical Laboratory requires compliance with various factors. 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has given various regulatory standards for a Clinical Laboratory to meet at Emergency Rooms. Similarly, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, American Chemical Society (ACS), and Campus Health Safety and Environmental Management Association (CHSEMA) are also authorized regulators for putting checks in establishing a Clinical Laboratory. Our Clinical Laboratory in Watauga stands by full compliance with such regulations. Every Lab Test we conduct at our Emergency Room is carried out under standard and sophisticated clinical methods with clinically hygienic equipment. All these factors eventually lead to extreme accuracy in results.

Service Spheres of Our Analytical Lab


24 Hours Medical Care Facility You Want in an Emergency Room, No Wait


Comprehensive Test Services

Complete Blood Count Test

We offer test services for Complete Blood Count at our Clinical Laboratory in Watauga. We conduct tests as per the recommendations of our Surgeons and Specialists. A Test conducted under standard conditions gives comprehensive details about White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, and Platelets. We also offer related tests associated with it, i.e., Hemoglobin Test. How much time is required for completion of the Complete Blood Count Test in Watauga? We keep two important factors always on board while conducting tests: Timeliness and Accuracy. Our Lab Technicians make sure that patients get Test Results as early as possible without compromising the Accuracy. That’s what our Lab Technicians at ER OF Watauga are trained for.


The Necessity of a Clinical Laboratory at an Emergency Room

Clinical Laboratory Services at an Emergency Room are essential. In certain scenarios, it becomes mandated for the surgeons to get as many details about the disease as possible before starting the treatment. Our Clinical Laboratory Services are up to the mark at our Emergency Room, where we deliver surgeons-vetted test results. On top of that, our Lab Test Services are very affordable.

Why Choose ER of Watauga

Selecting our Full-service Laboratory Watauga, your health concern would be in the caring hands of a diagnostic center that values accuracy, expediency, and above all-compassionate care. Our Full-service Laboratory Watauga, TX, stands out for its:

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Cutting edge machine technology for removing the human errors and producing the exact test results.

Wide Range of Tests: From ordinary blood tests to high-end specialized diagnostics, which is necessary to access comprehensive options for testing.

Rapid Turnaround Times: Instant results that will allow doctors to act speedily to prevent complications and relieve pain.

Expert Laboratory Team: Expert technicians and pathologists who continuously control the quality and accuracy are present.

Integrated Care: Our protocol with the health care team is going to be smooth and integrate to give you an all-around good health.

Convenient Access: Easy booking and conducting thorough services to reduce the waiting

Do You Need a CT Scan Now?

A CT Scanner is one of the quickest and more accurate examinations and diagnostic tools available in modern medicine, and because of this, it has become an invaluable tool to emergency physicians around the globe.

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