Digital XRay vs. Traditional XRay

Usually, A Digital Xray performed is retrieved in 2D Format, i.e., an 8 × 10 in. (20 × 25 cm) X-ray Paper. The surgeon uses that X-Ray Paper for consideration after X-Ray results are drawn. Possibly, the results might not be very much detailed. Digital X-rays are very competitive, though. The results are drawn in Digital Images. The size of the Image and Pixels can be determined. In Digital X-Rays, pixel pitch reflects the detailed version of the body part being x-rayed. Seemingly, the digital images are very detailed and clearer.

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Super Significance of X-Ray Service

Digital XRay is a super important part of our Emergency Room. Our surgeons and specialists very much depend on X-ray Services for diagnosis purposes. A Digital X-Ray gives an instant display of results for surgeons to grasp an understanding of disease immediately. A team of doctors and surgeons assess the results before concluding their remarks about the disease and disclosing it before the patients.

Uses of Digital X-rays

To get a detailed perspective about patients’ medical conditions, the use of neoteric equipment is very significant. We are using Digital X-rays at our Emergency Room for multiple diagnosis purposes to provide very affordable services.

As seen from a Surgeon’s Perspective, Digital X-rays carry more weightage than traditional X-rays. At our Emergency Room, we discuss the X-ray Results with our Patients aside from the Surgeon’s own consideration. The edge Digital X-rays provide our surgeons in explaining the medication condition to a patient is that the Image is of High Resolution. They are very detailed, can be zoomed in, and rotated without losing clarity. And the patients are properly and professionally educated about their disease


Importance of a Radiologist and X-ray Center at an ER

The treatment of any disease depends on three major factors: Expertise of the Surgeon, Accuracy of Diagnosis, and Treatment Methods. We have a standard operating procedure regarding every factor in our Emergency Room. We have a staff of very professional and expert Surgeons, Lab Technicians, and Specialists at ER OF Watauga.

To ensure the accuracy of diagnosis, we have set up a futuristic Clinical Lab in our Emergency Room. Surgeons and Specialists are constantly monitoring the X-rays of their respective patients. Once our Surgeons and Specialists have gone through the initial diagnosis thoroughly, they come up with the most effective course of treatment for the patient. The discussions between patients and surgeons from diagnosis to treatment are ongoing to not just keep the patients in the loop but to put every possible and recommended treatment option before them.

Do You Need a CT Scan Now?

A CT Scanner is one of the quickest and more accurate examinations and diagnostic tools available in modern medicine, and because of this, it has become an invaluable tool to emergency physicians around the globe.

Digital X-ray Services at an Emergency Room

We have established a state of the art X-ray Services at our Emergency Room. We offer a diagnosis of multiple skeletal injuries and abnormalities. Our certified lab technicians are professionally conducting the X-rays. Our doctors remain present to supervise the entire process closely to ensure its merits. Visit ER OF Watauga for very affordable and well-conducted Digital X-rays.


Why Choose ER of Watauga

When you choose us for our reliable X-ray Watauga, TX, you can get:

Swift and Accurate Diagnostics: Swift time response to the x-ray examinations Watauga using the most updated imaging equipment.

Expert Team: Technicians and radiologists with many years of experience, who guarantee the correctness and high-quality of conducted research.

Advanced Technology: Modern technologies for X-ray Watauga are employed to provide the clarity and detail.

Patient-Centered Care: Lodging and resourcing the patient environment with the necessary aids and activities according with the patients’ needs.

Flexible Scheduling: Fitting in both urgent or routine X-ray Test in Watauga.

Comprehensive Services: The superfluity of diagnostic services in one room.

Trusted Provider: An outstanding reputation for reliable health care delivery in the Watauga communities.

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