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Dr. Abbas Raza Mian, MD, is an experienced health care provider primarily located in Watauga, Fort Worth. He has specializes in Internal Medicine, Other Specialty, and Hospital Medicine. Dr. Mian is affiliated with a regional medical center.

Pediatric Urgent Care Services In Fort Worth

July 29, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Health
Pediatric Urgent Care
You never know when your kid will get sick, or a minor accident can happen during the after-hours. For the times like this, you can always get urgent pediatric care in Fort Worth from ER of Watauga. We know many critical health scenarios may happen during the after-hours when the primary caregiver i...

How to Get Rid of Sinus Infection

June 03, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Health
Sinus Infection
Everyone has allergies now and again, but having a stuffy nose or a runny nose may be painful. Chronic sinus sufferers may be surprised to hear that their diet greatly influences their sinus health. Consuming foods that aggravate the problem or not eating enough of the healthy ones will help you reg...

What to do if you Feel a Breast Lump ?

April 14, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Health
breast lump ultrasound services
You could be concerned about having a breast lump, whether you discovered it via a breast self-exam or breast lump ultrasound services. Considering that a breast lump might be the earliest breast cancer indication, it’s reasonable. If your doctor suggests a biopsy, your anxiety level may rise....

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms and Causes

March 18, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Health
Colorectal Cancer Symptoms
Early detection of Colorectal Cancer is critical for better outcomes, and attaining that early detection starts with following routine screening guidelines and understanding your family history. Medical History and Physical Examination Risk factors that may apply to you, such as family history, will...

Heart Disease in Women

February 16, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Health
Heart Disease in Women
Heart disease is commonly assumed to be a male-dominated health issue. However, in the United States, it is the most significant cause of mortality for women. According to Medline Plus, it causes around one out of four female fatalities each year. The easiest way to confirm heart disease is to run a...

7 Most Serious Headache Symptoms and Causes

January 28, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Health
7 Most Serious Headache Symptoms and Causes
Headaches are quite common and are mostly treated as a minor inconvenience or a nuisance. Almost every person in the world may have experienced a headache once or more in his lifetime. They can be quite bothersome sometimes, interfering with your daily life activities, but not necessarily warrant a ...