What to do if someone is choking?

What to do if someone is choking?

What to do if someone is choking?

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The flow of Air and Food in and out of the body is carried out through a vein or pipeline. This pipeline has to have a very smooth opening. Under certain circumstances, this pipeline is blocked. The passage of food and air is blocked within the pipeline. This is called Choking. The person is unable to breathe freely and may even cough and cry. Choking may happen to kids and adults likewise due to food or any other material object. Though such a medical condition begs the question of What to do if someone is Choking? There are various first aid recommendations to practice in this situation, depending upon how bad it is.

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Mild Choking.

In mild choking, the pipeline is partially blocked when a material is lodged in the throat. The person is able to cough and speak. Encourage the person to cough during this situation. Instruct the person to keep the mouth downward so that the material goes out of the mouth easily. Don’t put fingers in the mouth to take the material out. It may further push the object inside the throat and can make the choking more complex. Constant Coughing will possibly do the job to get rid of it.

Severe Choking.

When the choking is severe, the person is unable to cough, cry and even speak. That’s the reason Coughing wouldn’t do the job to get rid of it. Three different methods are recommended as first aid to deal with choking: Back Blow, Chest Thrusts, and Abdominal Thrusts. Use these methods to stop choking before the person experiencing it goes to an unconscious state due to excessive and severe choking. Also, the above recommendations are called the Five-and-Five Method to stop it.

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Five-and-Five Method.

The Five-and-Five Method is recommended as the ultimate first aid to prevent it. The method refers to 5 Back Blows and 5 Abdominal Thrusts. How can these blows be carried away effectively to get the person out of a critical situation immediately?

• 5 Back Blows.

Give 5 Back Blows to the patient in the first place. Lower the face of the person and give support by placing a hand on the chest. Use heels of another hand to give a blow on the backside. Use the heels to blow in the thoracic part of the spine between the bones of the shoulders and arms. Give at least five blows so that material lodged inside the throat can be taken away effectively. If the back blows aren’t working, don’t give excessive blows at all to the person. It might impact the person further.

• 5 Abdominal Thrusts.

After the Back Blows fail to do the job, use the Abdominal Thrusts to get the job done. How to perform these thrusts in the first place? Well, it is easier. Wrap both your arms around the abdomen of the person choking above his/her belly button. Cross both hands in such a way that you can put force on the abdomen to create pressure in the pipeline. This pressure will eventually help the person to choke. Use 5 Abdominal Thrusts to stop the choking. Don’t let the person go into an unconscious state at all. These thrusts are definitely going to stop it. If not, don’t delay. Call the nearby Emergency Room immediately for the emergency treatment to get the patient out of that state as soon as possible.

Chest Thrusts.

Aside from the back blows and abdominal thrusts, there is another way to stop it. Chest Thrusts are also effective first aid assistance to prevent it. Put both of your arms around the chest of the patient in the upper cage of ribs. Give the thrusts, i.e., push on the chest. It will help create pressure in the pipeline to get the lodged material out of the throat effectively.

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