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What is omicron? Is it More Dangerous? Is there any treatment available?

Omicron Variant

Not long ago, we faced a massive worldwide pandemic that has been fatal for almost 2 years. Multiple variants of Covid-19 emerged in this period and each one was more transmissible and more dangerous than the previous one. Recently, the world has discovered another life-threatening variant named Omicron.

What is Omicron?

A recent discovery of the new variant of Covid-19 has been named Omicron by WHO. Omicron is a Greek word meaning “small o”. This variant is currently being studied by researchers to find its severity and longterm effects on human organs.

Is It More Dangerous?

Researchers are not clear on the presumption either this variant is severely dangerous than the rest of the variants or it can be neglected. However, the preliminary data has shown a clear increase in hospitalization in South Africa. This can be a reason to worry. By far, there is not much evidence to rely on whether it’s more hazardous than the Delta variant.

Is There Any Treatment Available?

Vaccines have been a great help in reducing the severity and hospitalization against every variant of Covid19 so far. Researches and experiments are being taken to find a proper treatment for hospitalized
individuals. The most effective steps right now are the vaccination, keeping a physical distance of at least 1 meter from each other, using a mask when you get out, enough ventilation, avoiding enclosed places, and keeping your hands clean.

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