7 Reasons Why Your Fingers Are Swollen and Their Treatment

7 Reasons Why Your Fingers Are Swollen and Their Treatment

Swollen fingers are a troubling symptom that can happen for several different reasons. Not only is it painful, but it can also make it difficult to type, write, or even grasp objects. In addition, swollen fingers are a symptom of underlying medical conditions and can develop suddenly or gradually. This blog will review some typical causes of swollen fingers and discuss treatment options.

Fluid Retention

One of the main reasons for swollen fingers is fluid retention in the tissues and joints of the fingers. It usually happens with the pinky finger, and you may also find trouble slipping your rings o and off the fingers. The reason behind this could be a salty meal. It happens when the lymph node cannot circulate the lymph fluid properly in the fingers. Along with swelling, fingers also become discolored in this condition sometimes.


Heat is another important cause of swollen fingers. When a person sits or stands in a hot environment for a long time, their fingers become swollen. Swelling of fingers due to heat is known as edema. Due to heat, the blood vessels dilate, and due to gravity, body fluid moves in the legs or hands.


When a person exercises, his blood flows from all body parts to the muscles he’s working. So the hands get less blood which that makes them cooler. So, the blood vessels become more expansive, leading to the fingers’ swelling.


Certain changes in estrogen or progesterone hormone may also result in finger swellings. Besides this, it also happens due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and pregnant ladies may have to face them more frequently. As a result, it’s common for women to have slightly swollen feet and hands during periods.


Fingers also swell due to injuries. For example, broken fingers may remain swelling until complete recovery. Besides this, jamming, smashing, dislocation, and spraining of fingers are some of the other causes of swelling of fingers. In the case of finger injuries, body fluid rushes toward the injured area, resulting in swelling as a natural healing process.


Any infection in the fingers causes white blood cells to rush toward the infection site to fight the foreign bacteria. Thus swelling is caused by the accumulation of white blood cells at the infection site. Along with swelling, your finger may feel pain, redness, or heat coming out of it. Infection also causes fever or chills as per the patient’s condition.


Tissues and cartilage help protect delicate joints in fingers. Any stress or damage at the joints results in the swelling of tissues lining them. As a result, your hand or fingers may swell and looks puffier. It can be painful, and your fingers may also experience stiffness.

Treatment Options for Swollen Fingers

Various reasons lead to swelling of fingers, but usually, it is not painful. Most of the time, you can treat swollen fingers without seeing a doctor. The following treatment options are helpful for swollen fingers.

  • Try to keep your hand upward because keeping the hand down will gather more fluid in the swollen fingers.
  • Using an ice pack in this condition is beneficial for reducing swelling.
  • Wearing a splint or compressive wrap also reduces swelling.
  • Doctors also suggest some anti-inflammatory medicines for swollen fingers.

If your swell fingers hurt, visit the nearby emergency room for a quick treatment.

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