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Explanation Of Benefits

This Is Not a Bill. So, What Is This?

You may get an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the insurance firm shortly after your emergency visit. We need you to know one crucial thing that will be repeated. It is not the billed amount. 

  • You do not need to get tense over the amount. 
  • You do not owe anything during this phase, and you will not have to pay anything until you get the bill from the emergency center -and it will be marked as such.

An EOB is a document from your health coverage company notifying you that the claim procedure has commenced. Our invoice officials are contacting on your behalf to the insurance professional about the costs for the medical treatment in the health facility. The claim proceedings take some time. When the procedure is finished, most patients owe considerably less than what is mentioned on the Benefits statement; often, they do not owe anything at all. If you face difficulty during the process, you can call us and contact us.

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Then What Is An "Explanation of Benefits" ("EOB")?

An EOB is a standard document used by medical coverage firms (“Insurers”) to contact patients. Here is what you need to know when you receive the EOB.

  1. The EOB will say the clinical benefits you gained and name the healthcare center from where you got the treatment. This is done for their convenience so the Insurers can make sure you get the assistance for the insurance company’s amount.
  2. The EOB will state the total fees for the treatment and how you and your program will share the reimbursement of those expenses under your medical coverage scheme. If the medical center is within the network with the indemnity program, the payments may already be adapted to the due amount. In such an event, the insurer can use the EOB as an object demonstrating the savings obtained by going it to in-network medical institutions. Luckily, companies do not offer this same politeness to out-of-network healthcare suppliers.
  3. Sadly, the EOB is useless as a document if the medical facility is not within the network, as ER of Watauga covers most of the coverage plans, so you do not have to worry. The EOB is meaningless because insurance professionals give out the EOB before the final cost. The last amount that is due on the claim is determined.
  4. Resolving the real cost to be owed and paid by the insurer is difficult and requires some time – during this time, you will not be charged by our ER center for any patient care cost until the treatment is concluded.
  5. Here, you will never be overcharged for more than what you owe based on (1) an agreed adequate price typically equivalent to reasonable in-network cost and (2) the amounts your insurance health coverage needs

Why We Are Best!

Some of our out-of-network contenders charge surprise costs and bills, which is another thing why ER of Watauga is your ideal emergency care choice.

Why Is The Method So Multifaceted And Why It Is Lengthy?

  1. Firms are mandated to pay for emergency healthcare treatment at out-of-network centers under the CARES act and federal regulations at discount rates equivalent to in-network prices – most providers often fail to do so until the claim is filed.
  2. We talk with your insurance companies to set excellent discount rates and ensure that you get all the indemnities provided by your health coverage plan. It takes quite some time and requires effort; this will maximize the amount and your insurance benefits. So, we will only charge agreeable money.

Why Doesn't ER OF Watauga Go In-Network?

The answer to this question is quite big, but we will explain it briefly

Nevertheless, the primary reason is that we are a little medical center. Most of the companies do not provide us with the same or reasonable comparable prices that they provide to more extensive medical networks. They do not want to add more practitioners to their network and do not wish for accelerated emergency treatment access. Fortunately, we don’t live to serve the health coverage corporations.  We are here to meet patients’ needs by serving humanity– and the large number of our patients who trust us and enjoy the improved accessibility to emergency services.


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